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Heart Link Spouse Orientation

Heart Link is designed for newly married spouses and/or Dyess AFB newcomer spouses. Information is given about the local Abilene area, Dyess AFB resources, Tricare, deployments, and more. This program is offered quarterly and held at the Hangar Center.

Jump Start

This newcomer’s orientation is to welcome you & your family to Dyess AFB by introducing you to many of the resources that can be found here on base. We strongly encourage dependents of military members to come! This is held every first Wednesday of the month at the Community Center from 8am-1pm. It also includes a tour of downtown Abilene.

Air Force Aid Society

The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) supports military families by relieving financial distress, providing education resources, offering opportunities for parents to get some space, and so much more. Learn more about how AFAS supports your family.

Employment Assistance

We offer classes to help build a resume, navigate USA Jobs, & welcome classes in collaboration with the West Texas Workforce Solutions so that you have all the information you need to look for employment or volunteer opportunities in Abilene. We also host job fairs, which take place in the Community Center.

Deployment Support

We offer pre-deployment briefings, reintegration workshops, & the Hearts Apart Program. This program is designed for immediate family members of a loved one who is deployed or on TDY to connect with other families in similar situations.

Military & Family Life Counseling

Counseling is here to help service members & their families work through hard times. It’s completely free & we encourage contacting us if you need help or someone to talk to!

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

The EFMP is a program for dependents with special needs and is provided by all branches of service. We can provide information on referrals in the local area, school accommodations, & EFMP-specific events (open to EFMP members of all ages)! We welcome any questions & aim to connect you with the right resources.

Financial Literacy Courses

These courses offer military members & their families knowledge about specific financial situations. Learn how to move out of the dorms, set a budget, plan for retirement, & so much more with these free classes!

Transition Assistance

For members leaving the military, this includes pre-separation counseling, a success workshop, and Capstone to ensure your knowledge of VA benefits & career readiness outside the military.

Casualty Services

Our goal is to provide prompt reporting, dignified notification, and compassionate assistance to the next of kin for as long as needed. We also work closely with survivors of retired Air Force members to ensure potential benefits are applied in a timely manner.
The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) makes it possible for retiring members to ensure that after their death, their eligible survivors receive a portion of their military retired pay in the form of monthly annuities and VA benefits.

Voter Assistance

Let us help you fill out & mail your voting materials! Stop by or give us a call for any questions you may have.