8am – 4pm


7234 3rd Street, Dyess AFB, TX 79607
(Located in Force Development Center)


MSgt Adam Hodges
Commercial: (325) 696-4471
Cell: (325) 271 -1432


The Development Advisor (DA) provides career counseling for all members of Team Dyess, with specialized knowledge in retraining and various additional force management programs. The DA is also the gateway for Team Dyess’ Professional Development needs. Mandatory development courses are offered on a rotational basis, with the availability of additional courses hosted by support agencies across the installation. Mandatory courses hosted by the DA include: Informed Decision Briefing (IDB), First Term Airman Course (FTAC), NCO Professional Enhancement Seminar (NCOPES), and the SNCO
Professional Enhancement Seminar (SNCOPES). The DA will also assist Squadrons and Groups with providing relevant career information during Commander’s Calls, when requested, as well as hosting base briefings to cover new development and force management programs.


Ensure Airmen are armed with complete and accurate information prior to making career decisions, and to develop Total Force professionals for greater responsibilities.

Course Description

First Term Airmen Course (FTAC)

Course Length: 5 Days

Who: First Term Airmen; per AFI

36-2670, Total Force Development, attendance is mandatory within 45 days of arrival to first duty station.

Description: The First-Term Airmen Course (FTAC) is a five-day course which provides informative briefings and training for newly assigned Team Dyess first-term Airmen. Military professionalism, Enlisted Force Structure, resiliency, and financial management are some of the topics addressed during FTAC. Upon completion of the course, Airmen will be better able to transition out of the technical training environment and into the operational Air Force. Airmen are required to attend all 5 scheduled days and will NOT be able to attend personal appointments during this time.

Airmen Professional Enhancement Seminar

Course Length: 3 Days

Who: A1C – SrA who have completed their upgrade training requirements, but have not completed Airman Leadership School (ALS).

Description: This course is part of the continuum of development for Team Dyess and provides Airmen an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the Profession of Arms. The course focuses on a variety of topics such as the Enlisted Force Structure, career progression, standards and discipline, emotional intelligence, communication, and financial wellness.

Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Enhancement Seminar

Length of Course: 3 days

Who: SSgts with 3 years time in grade, or TSgts who have not attended the NCO Academy.

Description: NCOPES is designed to augment, not replace, information taught in basic military training, technical training, ancillary training, enlisted professional military education, job experience, and Air Force Handbook 1. It is geared to improve supervisory skills, increase self-confidence, and encourage ethical leadership behavior.

First Term Officer's Course

Length of Course: 4 days

Who: CGOs on their first duty assignment

Description: Develop CGO leadership competencies and mission capabilities by providing a learning experience that develops job skills and broadens their knowledge and understanding of the structure and role of the total force. They will also learn their role and expectations within this dynamic.

Informed Decision Seminar

Length of Course: 3 hrs

Who: This seminar per AFI 36-2670, Total Force Development, is mandatory for first-term and second-term enlistees within 12-15 months of their date of separation.

Description: This seminar is an educational experience specifically designed to enhance one’s knowledge of Air Force benefits, highlighted program requirements, and processes. The goal is to ensure personnel obtain the needed information to make the best decision for them, their family, and their subordinates as they come close to the end of their enlistment.

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Professional Enhancement Seminar

Length of Course: 4 days

Who: MSgt selects and MSgts with less than one year time in grade.

Description: This seminar is designed to augment, not replace, information taught in basic military training, technical training, ancillary training, enlisted professional military education, job experience, and Air Force Handbook 1. This seminar is designed to provide new Master Sergeants an in-depth view of their increased supervisory, leadership, and managerial responsibilities, to assist them in making a successful transition to the Senior Noncommissioned Officer corps.

Evolved Communication

Length of Course: 5 days

Who: SSgt – TSgt who have completed NCOPES

Description: Offers a constructive and deliberate learning experience focused on emotional intelligence, adaptive communication behaviors, and crucial conversations. Participants actively discover insights alongside peers by working through scenarios that reflect their daily environment.

Air Power Leadership Academy (ALA)

Length of Course: 2 hours every week for 8 weeks

Who: Nominated NCOs who have completed NCOPES

Description: ALA differs from all professional military education and local professional enhancement courses in that it does not focus on the tactical level attributes of management and leadership. ALA is intended to develop our Noncommissioned Officer Corps in the area of values-based leadership. The course focuses on material such as a member’s purpose and beliefs, also how to make the “hard calls”.

Senior Enlisted Leader

Length of Course: 4 days

Who: SMSgt – CMSgt

Description: This course is designed to leverage the skills and knowledge of experienced leaders in order to advance our senior enlisted corps. The goal is to provide SNCOs expanded knowledge on important subjects commonly associated with the Superintendent and Senior Enlisted Leader positions. Topics include enlisted career management, resource management, manpower, personnel, and superintendent-level responsibilities.

Course Schedule & Registration

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September 13 – November 15



October 24-27

Informed Decision Brief (IDB)


October 2-4

Evolved Communication
First Sergeant Symposium