Monday – Friday: 10am – 5pm


357 Ave B (Building 7106)
Dyess AFB, TX 79607
Located inside the Hangar Center

Need a vacation?

Our travel experts at ITT will help you make your assignment at Dyess the highlight of your career.
Memory making destinations await you in every direction and ITT will not only advise you but save you money on your travels. They are busy every day negotiating military discounts to help you make the most of your assignment. Need to add what Experiences they offer Frontier Texas, Abilene, San Antonio, Dallas/ Fort Worth, Orlando, Branson – cultural experiences await.  Everything is bigger in Texas and so are the festivals and events. Visit the West Texas Fair and Rodeo, the Celtic Festival, or the Big Country Balloon Fest, or Fort Phantom Hill in Abilene – if you can’t find something interesting, you’re not looking very hard…and then there’s the food. Plan a culinary tour of West Texas for an unbelievably delicious and memorable experience. Texas is known for its tasty Barbecue, Tacos, Frito Pie, and Chili.  We also book Cruises anywhere you wish to go. We offer great rates on Disney parks, regional and local attractions, and events and much, much more. Visit us and let us make your dream trip or outing a reality.

Last Updated on January 10, 2024